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Build connections. Nurture Growth. Let's stand out–together.   

Kelsey Westbrook

I'm Kelsey, a copywriter and storyteller. 


I write impactful copy from an innovative lens proven to ignite your brand, convert leads, and make your audience FEEL something.


Because emotions lead to action. 


Picture this: you’re a bright neon light, and I’m the plug. I’m here to find that connection and amplify your story so everyone can see your glow. 


I get the root of what sets you apart, and use strategic messaging to reach new and returning audiences. My words are crafted with honesty, empathy, absolutely zero cringe.


I’ll stick to your voice–fluent in brand reporting for duty–or help you discover it. Ready to stand out?  ✨

"Kelsey is a phenomenal writer and collaborator. Her dedication and commitment to her work is unparalleled. Kelsey is exceptional at building trust and relationships with her clients - always putting people first. She never shies away from tough situations, exhibiting fearlessness and also compassion to ensure the job gets done and gets done well. It has been such an honor to work with Kelsey over the years and I would recommend her for any project without hesitation."

- Jessica Carner, Water for People

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